Smart Home Appliance Summit Shanghai
11 – 12 January 2017 Shanghai, China More info

Conference speakers

Matias Conti


Lead Designer


Mr Matias Conti is the Lead Designer at TCL. He has been working for top notch corporations in America, Europe and Asia.  During this time he has acquired a diverse set of methods and strategies that allow him to approach any design challenge with confidence.

Since graduating in Industrial Design with honors from the UNMDP in 2007 Matias has quickly gained valuable experience as a industrial and concept designer.

With an holistic and user oriented approach he is interested in designing meaningful products. Innovative solutions that balance aesthetic, functionality, technology and resources. Products with a soul able to create that spark which link user emotion to products.

During his career he has accumulated several international design awards such us Red Dot, IF, CES, Golden pin among others.

“Design to me, is more than pure styling and a creation of aesthetics; I always work strategic with design to capture new potential opportunity areas. By excellent knowledge of the user needs -and market, I believe it is possible to create successful commercial products with user-centered design”

Kiri Chen


System Architect, Home Systems 

Philips Lighting

Mr Kiri Chen joined Philips in 2007 and is now a System Architect for Home Systems, Philips Lighting. He is also responsible for the eco-system build up for Home Systems in APR.

Kiri has played different roles in multiple labs in Philips Lighting, and participated in the research and development of various innovation products comprising Philips Hue. Recently, Kiri is working on the system architecture in fields of Hue open platform, Hue cloud and middleware. Kiri also participated or led the technical integration and partnership with Google nest, Samsung Smartthings, IFTTT, Amazon Alexa, Huawei OceanConnect, etc.

Kiri graduated from the Dept. of Information and Communication, Tongji University in 2007.

Hao Wang




Mr Hao Wang is the CEO of Phantom, he first acquired bachelor degree of Precision Instrument from Tsinghua University, Beijing China, and graduated from University of Pennsylvania, U.S. as a Master of Mechanical Engineering later on.

He was Responsible for the development and production line design of neurosurgery medical products in Covidien Company of the U.S; He has participated in the projects, such as the design of passive-walking robots and medical rehabilitation beds, etc. His 8F balloon catheter manufacturing technology has been awarded US patent. After graduation in 2012, he engaged in Internet advertisement project and rehabilitation robot project together with his team. In 2013, he founded Phantom with the team.

Since August 2013, Phantom launched the products of smart lighting and smart air management based on its own communication standard and cloud service, and received an investment fund of USD 1.5 million from Matrix in September; in February 2014, the company was ranked No. 7 among Top 10 Chinese Innovation Companies by Fast Company in U.S. From September 2014, the company began to launch a series of smart lighting and security products based on its own cloud platform, and applied the self-owned technologies to various home appliances.

Rover Zhou


CEO & Founder

Langhu Intelligence

Mr Rover Zhou is the Founder & CEO at Langhu Intelligence. He also is a serial entrepreneur and industrial expert of smart home.

He once served in the R&D center of a worlds’ top 500 technological company, and successively established several various technology organisations by himself, such as Langhu Intelligence, Qianjia Intelligence Test Lab, Intelligent Workshop,, and Kongyou Club, etc.

He has also been appointed as an expert of Smarthome Decoration Committee of China (SDCC), executive deputy director of SIAA Digital Family Special Committee, and consultants for many enterprises and organisations, while holding many other social positions. He has always been actively engaged into the development of smart home industry.

Dr Jerry Liu


CEO & Co-founder


Dr Jerry Liu is the CEO and Co-founder of BroadLink, and previously was the manager, architecture and integration director of the 60 GHz Wi-Fi project at the University of Melbourne, Australia. He has been engaged in Wi-Fi chip development, standard establishment and the R&D of Wi-Fi-related products for 10 years, as one of a member of IEEE802.11 project group. He participated the R&D team which led by Australia National Communications Laboratory had successfully developed the world’s first direction conversion 60GHz wireless transmission CMOS chips at the end of 2007, and demonstrated the wireless transmission of DVD video signals in 2008.

In 2013, Dr Jerry Liu co-founded BroadLink, which triggered a hot trend in the field of smart home, and became one of the most representative smart home companies in China. BroadLink firstly launched some single items, such as intelligent socket and intelligent remote control, etc. Backed by the sensational success achieved by these single items, Dr Jerry Liu put forward the concept of “BroadLink DNA”, and is currently devoted to building an ecosystem of interconnectivity in the field of smart home. Numerous traditional home appliance manufacturers, sensor manufacturers, and Internet giants have joined in BroadLink DNA, which has become the end-to-end operating hub in various fields of smart home.

Listed in the “Thousand Talents Program” of Zhejiang Province in 2012, Dr Jerry Liu is also among the High-Level Overseas Talent Introduction Program of Hangzhou. He serves as part-time professor and specially-appointed researcher, etc in Zhejiang University and Hangzhou Electronic Technology University. In August 2013, Dr Jerry Liu participated in the final of Demo China Mobile Internet Session, and led BroadLink team to win the national champion. In June 2014, he participated in the Sino-U.S. Venture Contest held in Silicon Valley of the U.S. and won the 1st prize of hardware group. The smart home solution put forward by Dr Liu has been evaluated as the “most promising investment scheme in 2014” by the Industrial Development Promotion Center of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People's Republic of China.

Shiny Long




Ms Mengzhu Long is the CMO of AiSpeech and responsible for the full-line cooperation of AiSpeech voice technology in the field of intelligent hardware (vehicle-mounted device, smart home and robot). She focuses on the application and frontier development of intelligent voice technology in the intelligent hardware market, and she is good at industrial resources integration and market demand analysis, and has an in-depth understanding of the application and interactive experience of voice technology.

In 2015, representing AiSpeech, the only voice technology enterprise invited to the conference, Shiny attended the 2nd World Internet Conference in Wuzhen, where she shared for the first time the AIOS AiSpeech artificial intelligent operation system, and she has been invited for many times to participate in and address the professional forums sponsored by IT industry, CY Zone, NetEase, and Mechanical Heart, etc.

Dr Michael Liu


Vice President

Siemens Ltd China

Head of China Office/Partner

Siemens Management Consulting

Dr Michael Liu is the Vice President of Siemens Ltd China and Head of China Office / Partner of Siemens Management Consulting (SMC). SMC is Siemens in-house strategic management consulting arm. In this role, his main responsibility include strategy development and execution steering on various top management topics, in particular for Siemens Energy and Industry related business.

Based in Beijing, Michael's current management and consulting responsibility mainly focus for Siemens Ltd China. He also works with Siemens global management to shape Siemens business on global scale.

Prior to his role in Siemens, Michael was working in McKinsey German office. Michael’s past consulting experience highlights include high-tech business global and regional strategies, market entry and exit strategy, M&A / PMI, organisation transformation, global footprint optimisation, etc. Michael gained PhD degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from Imperial College London and Diploma for Graduates in Economies from London School of Economies.

Sample strategic projects within Siemens:

  • Industry 4.0 collaboration blue-print: Siemens and a China steel company
  • Siemens Transmission business global restructuring and growth strategy
  • Innovation Strategy and roadmap Siemens China
  • Turnaround plan of a factory, including both production and sales
  • Corporate function process simplification and cost reduction
  • E-car powertrain business unit set-up, across entire value-chain
  • and more...

Kapil Kane


Innovation Director, China Corporate Strategy Office

Intel Corporation

Mr Kapil Kane is the Innovation Director, China Corporate Strategy Office at Intel Corporation. Kapil Kane runs "Ideas to Reality" – a China-wide Incubator and Accelerator of ideas for Intel. He has a proven track record as an innovator, designer and leader of teams helping bring blockbuster products into the market.

Before joining Intel 5 years ago, Kapil worked at Apple leading design and development efforts on a variety of products ranging from tiny iPod Shuffle all the way to mighty iMac and everything in between. His contribution to design also spans across the areas of astrophysics, particle accelerators and automobiles. Kapil received Master degree from Stanford University in California and Bachelors from National Institute of Technology in India- both in Mechanical Engineering and Design. He has spent a decade each living and working in the US and China and has been based out of Shanghai for the past 9 years.

Ecke Gong


Brand Director

Sonos Inc

Mr Ecke Gong is the Brand Director of Sonos Inc. He is a highly strategic and creative Marketer with 7+ years of Global HQ and Regional brand marketing experience, including native expertise in Greater China and APAC. Passionate and focused leader executing strategic marketing plans, engaging consumers via digital innovation, authentic brand storytelling, integrated social media & PR and consumer insights.

Proven success in establishing local relevance and consumer connectivity for global brands via tailor-made approaches leveraging music, art, fashion and sports culture. Deeply connected with talent, influencers, and agencies in APAC region. Obsessive music lover and intrepid travel adventurer.

Marco Gervasi


Founder & Managing Director

The Red Synergy

Mr Marco Gervasi is one of the world's leading experts on China e-commerce and IOT. He is the founder and managing director of The Red Synergy where he provides management consulting assistance to leading international and Chinese companies, venture capital funds, and Internet platforms investing both in and out of China.

Marco has over twelve years of senior corporate management experience in China. He is a keynote speaker at international conferences on technology, a guest writer for various newspapers and magazines both in Asia and Europe.

Marco has a dual degree in Law and Chinese Studies from Università Statale of Milan, from Fudan University in Shanghai and an executive degree on Exponential Technologies from Singularity University in Mountain View Ca.

Yuwen Lan


Head of Google IoT Platform China Team / Software Engineering Manager


Mr Yuwen Lan is a Software Engineering Manager on Google IoT Platform Group. In his role, he leads an engineering team based in Shanghai focusing on development of fundamental technologies for smart home and Internet of Things related areas. He is also a Thread Group Ambassador facing to China, helping the global IoT ecosystem reach its vision: creating the very best way to connect and control products in the places where people live and work.

Prior to Google, Yuwen was a Senior Engineering Manager at Cisco IoT Group, from where he was responsible for leading China engineering team, focusing on development of IoT technologies and products.

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